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My Life and Adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun.... or at least they call it that, all I know is that rising sun keeps waking me up in the morning.

So I decided to be an exchange student for a year. I landed myself in Japan, and that it is where I sit right now. I created this blog to serve as somewhat of an online journal, because my e-mail list was getting massive, and everyone was asking me so many questions. I will put all of my e-mail topics in my blog as well, and we`ll see where this takes me. Hopefully everyone will be able to gain a little more insight on my daily life here. You can read on to find out more about what`s going on in my neck of the woods. As for now, that`s all I have to say, but I can assure you that there will be plenty more.

I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, so you should check back often.

Cl. Sanders in Japan
Genki and I with the man

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